About Me And My Blog

Dhvani Rathi

My Favourite Recipes

Welcome friends !!! My name is Dhvani Rathi . I am 13 yrs old. I am a school going student and just thought of trying to reach out to all of you by sharing my delicious and mouth-watering recipes. I am a food lover and also loveee to cook . My favourite thing in cooking is baked dishes like cakes, cookies, lasagna, gratin, etc. Through my blog ‘Sharing Cooking Secrets’ I am going to share with you my favourite recipes and a lot of birthday cake ideas. If you would like to get in touch with me you can follow me here and even mail me on my email address given here.

My hobbies:

I have quite a few hobbies which uplifts my spirit to a great deal.

  • art(drawing and craft work)
  • singing
  • basketball

  • studying history(world and Indian )
  • cooking

Hope you like my recipes and cake ideas!